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Welcome to Club Penguin Cheats Wiki!Edit

Welcome to Club Penguin Cheats wiki! Please note that some of these might get you banned, and some may not work anymore.


This wiki is about Club Penguin Cheats! This is for penguins who want more fun on CP, and penguins who want to know Club Penguins latest, and oldest cheats! Penguins new and old are welcome! This wiki is by a penguin with alot of experience on CP. This wiki is made Busterpuffle the penguin. If you want to meet this penguin, you have to look real hard. He likes to be on alot of servers. His fav one is Cold Front. He also likes to hang out in the Coffee Shop. If you see him, he might add you if you like his wiki. Also, don't leave any bad comments. I'm only 10! For more cheats log onto

Latest activityEdit

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