This is a picture of the iceberg with no one on it.

The iceberg is a famous Club Penguin place, and alot of penguins are trying to tip it. But you usally can't. You need a cheat, like

Penguin Storm to tip it. There are many ways to tip it, so this proves that SOMETIMES you might be able to tip it without a cheat or Glitch.

How to tip the IcebergEdit

There are many ways to tip the iceberg. Here are some of them:

1. Use a cheat like Penguin Storm to tip it.

2. Get penguins to come and help you tip it.

3. There is a way which was the best answer on Yahoo. It said to come on Club Penguin at 12:00 p.m., drill in the middle and it should tip.

4. Some rumors say to wait for the Chosen Penguin to come and tip it.

5. Some rumors say that you need alot of penguins with a certain amount of coins to tip it.

6. One rumor says that you have to dance on the water for four hours.

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