This is a one of the many pics of a Rainbow puffle

A rainbow puffle is a rumor on Club Penguin, and there are many ways to get it. The ways you see on youtube usually dont work at all. There is a rumor that before CP beacame Disney's, there might have been a rainbow puffle.

Ways to get this puffleEdit

There are many ways to get this puffle, although, most of these ways dont work. They pretty much all dont work at all, and some of them get you banned, so try a boring account of yours before testing it on your main penguin.

Penguin StormEdit

Penguin Storm is something that alot of penguins are using to try and get something cool on CP. Penguin Storm is a Club Penguin cheats website, and to use it, you need to download it.


Watching youtube vids on how to get the rainbow puffle are usally fake. But, some might work. You just have to test them out.

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